Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Send Files or Messages to any computer in a network

Many of us have computers with us and also with our friends.Most of us share music,movies,photos from tour with each other.

Each time we are going to copy them to a USB Drive and give it to other people for them to copy even if they are adjacent to us.But some times they get affected by virus and gets converted into shortcuts.We have already discussed how to retrieve files from USB drive with shortcuts.

But each time copying them to USB Drive and giving to other person takes lot of time.Instead we can share the files to a particular computer in a network with a single click.

IP Messenger is a software that lets you share files in a network with very high speed as similar to USB Drives.It has a very simple interface and best performance.

Click on reply to give reply message

 Suppose you and your friends are on your college wifi,you can send the files to your friends wherever they are.Even this software lets you send messages to chat with people on your network.The messages will be directly delivered to the computer.

Suppose you are on you Home Wifi connection then also you can share the files or send messages.

  • Highlight a computer name and type text and lick on send to send message to computer
  • Click on screen icon at left bottom to capture screen area and send it to another computer
  • Click on dropdown button below refresh button to get options for file transfer
  • It also has the capability to directly send prtscn (Print Screen) screenshots by directly pasting screenshot in text area
Both the parties need to have the software to send the messages or file transfer.

The software size is very less around 592KB.

NOTE : Press Refresh button for every transfer of file (before sending) to avoid Sending Failed message.

Happy File Sharing....!

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